Huawei has lots of Audio sets and Audio systems that work properly. Here we have another Huawei audio device the Huawei earbuds 3i. These are the best products of Huawei that work accurately with some minors and majors. 

This smart audifonos huawei freebuds work very accurately. Its connection and control system is best and they are very attractive in looking. They are tiny so they best fit your ears without making any disturbance.

In this article, we are going to talk about smart audifonos Huawei freebuds. We will talk about its positive and negative aspects to take a complete overview of it. After reading this article you are going to have full information related to smart audifonos Huawei freebuds 3i

Design Comfort And Battery Life

These smart earbuds have a very sleek design with great quality. They are pretty straightforward to be called a free bud because they provide the best connection with great style. They are tiny, shiny white small earbuds that give a perfect fit to your ears. 

They have the rubber tip to make you feel comfortable while wearing and their compact design makes them even more attractive. Although they are not too light-weighted, they are still good in quality. They have a 410mAh battery that can work 4 to 5 hours without an ANC feature.

Connectivity And Control

You can control these smart earpods with its touch panel and with its end-to-end stem that make it even better for connection. They do not give perfect connection air pods but are still perfect for dual connection.

It has a scattered connection setup, and they are very easy to set just by double-tapping on either side. You have to hold the right earbud to activate the voice assistant and let for direct noise cancellation activation. It has a lack of volume control and changing track you have to yse your smartphone for this purpose.

Calling And Watching Movies

Overall this is the best earbud bud still its calling system is a bit disappointing because they do not have a perfect clear class. Noise cancellations do not work while calling duration. Although high traffic or high sound surroundings make the noise cancelation work. It is a bit strange. 

ANC Music Feature

The active noise cancellation of smart audifonos Huawei freebuds is good but not strongest. It can reduce the sounds of traffic, buzzes, or background but somehow it creat a little disturbance while canceling the noise because there are still some sounds that you can hear from outside.

Sound Quality

While talking about the sound quality they deliver the balanced best quality sound. The bass is good and the sound frequency is also better. Although you cannot control volume or change the track the other sound quality is best  and works properly according to its setup/

Final Thoughts

In this article, we discuss the best audifonos Huawei freebies. These earbuds contain magic because they give a perfect sound quality with longer battery life. So if you want something extra you can have these smart earbuds.